Copy-pastable Transito Error Messages (at least on Android)

Currently when I try to hold down on the error message text on the mobile android app there is no way to highlight the message and then copy it

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a month ago
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bug transito

~mil a month ago

Thanks for reporting.

Need to determine if this can be done with Gio's richtext package - https://pkg.go.dev/gioui.org/x/richtext or if there is some other alternative for rendering the route result / error.

~mil a month ago

Per Chris Waldon (from Gio) on selecting text via richtext.InteractiveText:

Not currently. Gio's primary text shaping API needs an update to support mixing style information within single widgets. We know *how* to do it, but it's too big of a project to tackle right now.

For Transito - will probably want to eventually implement a button or similar to copy error messages / the input mobroute route api request unless Gio's text shaping API is updated.

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