sxmo-utils: replace "sxmo-pinephone" service with something more generic?

I'm currently reviewing postmarketos-ui-sxmo and noticed, that sxmo-utils provides a sxmo-pinephone service:


In order to make this less pinephone specific, I suggest the following refactoring:

  • instead of directly running chmod a+rw in the openrc service, put it in a dedicated script, so we can add some more logic to it
  • if pine64,pinephone is in /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/compatible (or pinetab? not sure if supported by sxmo), then run the pinephone specific commands you already have
  • (other devices could be added later)
  • for better readability and better diffs, put one path in one line
  • rename the service to something more generic, maybe even a more descriptive name. maybe sxmo-chmod?
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5 months ago
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~proycon 5 months ago

Thanks for the feedback! The sxmo-pinephone service was indeed introduced in 1.3.0 . I agree with your points, having a more generic service would be better and easier for the future. I'll rework this a bit for next release.

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