Can't lock just after wakeup

From some weeks, I can't lock the screen anymore just after waking up from crust. I have to wait something like 15 s after waking up.

The sxmo_screenlock program give "Screenlock error: Unable to open rtc device" as stderr.

This bug should only occurs with rtc wakeup enabled cause this file descriptor is only used when this feature is on.

Stacy Harper
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11 months ago
2 months ago

~arjunaithal 11 months ago

I logout and login again when i observe the issue with screenlock.. it works fine after logging in.

~proycon 11 months ago

I've seen happen too yes. The brightness lowers and the lock doesn't activate and I indeed get Screenlock error: Unable to open rtc device. WIll have to investigate further.

~proycon 11 months ago

The problem only occurs if you have SXMO_RTCWAKEINTERVAL set by the way (waking up at regular intervals during crust). I don't really have a proper fix yet, this looks like something that may have been introduced by a kernel update rather than something we did.

~proycon 11 months ago

I submitted a patch that at least removes the brightness problem: https://lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-devel/patches/20381

~reedwade 11 months ago

This patch still is nice to have, ty. It make the bug less annoying :D

~proycon REPORTED FIXED 10 months ago

~proycon FIXED REPORTED 10 months ago

~proycon closed duplicate ticket #232 9 months ago

~stacyharper REPORTED FIXED 2 months ago

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