when working on the cmdline, I'd gladly give up some real estate in order to have numbers and common punctuation

rather than switching layers all the time

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3 years ago
3 years ago
feature ready

~anjan 3 years ago

Sorry, you will have to provide information to reproduce this bug and screenshots.

~desca 3 years ago

I’ll try to reword it, maybe. I’m working away on the command line, typing commands, observing the resultant output, and in most cases — not all cases, but the comfortable majority of cases — the text in the top half or so of the display is no longer something I need to refer to, so if I had everything pushed up a bit so that I could have number keys and the letters and the punctuation that Unix grew to expect you to have available to you — all on the same layer — that would beconvenient and pleasant.

~trbl 3 years ago · edit

yeah, please for the love of god, give us the Dot, the slash and other frequently used special characters on the initial keyboard layer... its so annoying to switch to a another layer just cause you want to cd into a path or edit a dot file

~proycon 3 years ago

Agreed, I'm working on this as we speak, how does this look? https://download.anaproy.nl/svkbd4.png

~trbl 3 years ago · edit

YES! Thats what I'd like to have!

~desca 3 years ago

I started wondering whether shifting the arrows might be made to give the other arrows, which led to observing that the shift key doesn't latch while you're holding down another key (should it?), and that long presses of most letters bring up variants of those letters rather than repeating anyway, and this led to wondering whether I could hold shift with one finger and hold another key with another finger at the same time, which also didn't work…

~kgp445 3 years ago

FWIW I already made a layout to solve this problem for myself here:


It's a non-orthogonal layout similar to hacker's keyboard on Android.

I made it a while ago so though so I don't know if it still works with the new upstream SVKBD.

~anjan 3 years ago

Related: #201

~proycon REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

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