DWM Multikey timer settings in dwm.c

I found I often fail to double-press the side buttons for the appropriate function, such as double-press Power key for st. I often end up with single-press or triple-press instead. I have seen this referenced in online reviews of SXMO too. Maybe I am getting old and my reflexes are shot...

I found that by increasing the timer settings (around line 305) as follows in dwm.c I am able to double-press reliably:


Maybe this change can be considered/tested by others?

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4 months ago
3 months ago

~anjan 4 months ago

I consider my reflexes to be decent and this is definitely not only an issue on your part. I have had trouble with screenlock not turning on properly. I will patch my dwm with your recommended changes and report back if I still have this issue.

Thank you for sharing!

~trbl 4 months ago

yeah, i keep fking up the keypresses too, to the point where i just don't use them at all, just gestures.

~desca 4 months ago

In my early Sxmo exploration, it seemed like I could never get the double and triple presses at all, so I pretty much gave up for a while. Now I basically use gestures and menus, and just the triple press to get out of screen lock. A somewhat slow triple press works for me now when I feel sure it didn’t before.

If sxmo had a user mailing list, I’d be interested in asking everyone how their buttons have been holding up, whether they’ve been periodically paying the twelve bucks shipping or however much to get new sideboards from China.

~proycon 4 months ago

This looks like an improvement after a bit of experimenting, so I already took the liberty of applying this to the sxmo-dwm master tree.

~proycon REPORTED FIXED 3 months ago

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