Other devices support?

Why Sxmo targets only pinephone? It works nice on other mainline postmarketos devices. For example on bq-paella everything works with minimal configuration (edited sxmo-lisgdstart to specify input device). The only problems I've got are lack of easy way to globally change DPI (font dpi can be adjusted via xresources, but dmenu remains small) and slow rendering in portrait mode (e.g. keyboard appears key by key for ~1 sec), but it's still much better than Phosh.

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2 years ago
1 year, 11 months ago

~anjan REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 2 years ago

We 'target' pinephone because thats what most of our userbase and developers have. We love patches for documentation and code making the OS more device-agnostic. We would trust you to test the patches as maintainers only have a pinephone.

~begs 2 years ago

Thanks, got it. Will share any useful patches for generalization.

~reedwade 2 years ago

Plus, we recently add hidpi support. Maybe it still require device agnosticisation :D

You'll find the xorg monitor config in sxmo-utils:config/xorg

~ollieparanoid 2 years ago

~begs, can you submit patches to Sxmo/pmaports, so bq-paella works out of the box with Sxmo, and make sure it works in the future? Then I'd be happy to enable automatic building of Sxmo images for bq-paella, edge and v21.03 (the latter once we backport this in a service pack).

Same goes for other devices in main and community categories.

~begs 2 years ago

~ollieparanoid it's kinda work in progress, almost everything works out of the box, but vibration and sound control will require some investigation.

~ollieparanoid 1 year, 11 months ago

I gave this some thought and decided to just build the Sxmo images for all devices where we also build Phosh and Plasma Mobile images, for v21.03 and edge. This will probably encourage more people to try it out and contribute patches to fix the few remaining issues with their devices.

~proycon 1 year, 11 months ago

I agree, that may help getting some foothold on other devices too.

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