A hook to have user preferred apps defined

I will have to override the sxmo_appmenu everytime I do an upgrade. Is it possible to have a hook to define user preferred apps? Cawbird, Kodi and evolution are few apps which i use not present in app menu.

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~anjan REPORTED BY_DESIGN 3 years ago

I thought of this too but currently there are multiple options to satisfy this:

  1. Send a patch to add the application to scripts/core/sxmo_appmenu.sh in sxmo-utils with the correct startup args and st if needed
  2. Make a userscript that launches the application on their local install

I would prefer if users sent patches so that the entire sxmo community can benefit from their experimentation with getting the app working with sane defaults. If they dont care, they can make a userscript. Im closing this issue as a result but I am open to any suggestions to why this is needed.

~kgp445 3 years ago

I see this as part of a larger problem. Having a comprehensive list of programs seems difficult to maintain and not at all minimalist. I suggest parsing XDG desktop files and installing some SXMO-specific defaults. Entries for new programs should be sane, and they would be easy to persistently add / delete / modify as the user sees fit. (I feel like I saw this in another ticket, but if I did I can't find it)

~proycon 3 years ago

I agree with ~anjan mostly yeah.

I do think ~tetrakist is working on a more modular appmenu, there are certainly improvements to be made. But indeed I think the current approach of just having a simple list of apps works fairly well. We also have to consider the fact we pick an 'icon' from the Nerd Fonts for each (rather than rely on a more complex system).

Perhaps we should lose the distinction between "scripts" and "apps" (integrating it all in one menu), which would also include the current userscripts.


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