dwm fails to manage focus properly after dmenu closing

When closing dmenu with another window open, dwm loses track of the focus and you have to switch focus back and forth to be able to type in that other window again.

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4 days ago
4 days ago
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~stacyharper 4 days ago

Yes I agres, I got the same issue. And it is pretty annoying ! :D

~jona 4 days ago*

Thx for the feedback, i have two solutions now: one is to patch dwm to run focus() when unmanaged clients send a xdestroywindowevent, the other is patching dmenu not to get the inputfocus in the first place, which is ok, cause it also grabs all the keys. I think the former is the better solution, cause it prevents this happening with other programs, even though it adds a few cpu-cycles, while the latter removes some. Will post the patch to the mailing list.

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