suspend wake issue

Now that the mnc suspend issue is resolved I have noticed using sxmo on arch arm that once the pp is in suspend mode I can wake it by just pushing the power button once. This is no good especially if the device was in your pocket. I thought it used to be three button pushes to wake the device ???

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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~stacyharper 2 months ago

It still need three button but now a long press also works (if it is what you mean)

~justinesmithies 2 months ago*

No just pushing the button once wakes my Pinephone. It used to be three but now literally just touching the power button wakes it.

~stacyharper 2 months ago

Ensure you are on last master and/or remove user hooks you did not created. We made somechange in this regard recently and you might be in an inconsistent state.

~justinesmithies 2 months ago

I have nothing in .config/sxmo/hooks and still it wakes when i push the power button just once shortly too. Do you have any other ideas ?

~justinesmithies REPORTED FIXED 2 months ago

~proycon FIXED REPORTED 2 months ago

I'm reopening this because I'm also experiencing this, I'm not using the power menu at all but lock through the volume up buttons (two long presses), one for lock one for crust.

~proycon REPORTED FIXED 2 months ago

Ok, I found the cause. This happened because my postwake hook was not up to date. The default postwake hook handles a fair amount of logic now and without it things behave oddly, I'm not sure all that should be in a hook instead of in our main scripts.

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