Make dwm keypress interval user configurable

dwm.c:311 #define KEYPRESS_MS_THRESHOLD 250

The current default of 250 ms is IMHO not sane for button input as you need a very good hold to pull off triple presses. I tested it with 500 and that seems much better. Ideally this would be user configurable.

Careful though, as far as I can see this value needs to be lower than dwm.c:312 #define KEYHOLD_MS_THRESHOLD 800.

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~anjan referenced this from #339 3 months ago

~stacyharper 3 months ago

We are working on a Wayland compatibility. We implemented a script that we will use for multikey support. We will also use it in X11 mode. The threshold will be configurable with a new environment variable.

btw, 500 looks way to big to me. It mean you have to wait 0.5 seconds after pressing on the buttons. Is it really pleasurable ?

~murks 3 months ago*

No, you can press as quickly as you want. This number, as I understand it, indicates the maximum amount of time you have between presses and still have it recognise as a button press combination.

I have used with this value at 750 and that caused my pants to get warm last night. I had multiple self-unlocks simply by carrying it in the pocket. I'm back to 500 and see how that goes.

Great to hear that there is a script in mind. Please keep these accidental unlocks in mind. I think the common phone OSes solve this by presenting a lock screen after hitting the power button, but I might be wrong on that one.

Another thought is that we could perhaps make use of the proximity sensor to prevent accidental unlocks?

~stacyharper REPORTED FIXED 21 days ago

Now configurable using $SXMO_THRESHOLD as documented in the user guide.

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