sway no longer starts after sway/seatd upgrade in postmarket os edge

This is probably not our bug, but it will affect swmo users. Something seems wrong with the current state of sway in alpine edge, rendering swmo completely unusable (sway won't start):

00:00:00.005 [ERROR] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/backend/seatd.c:82] Could not connect to socket /run/seatd.sock: Permission denied
00:00:00.005 [ERROR] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/backend/logind.c:653] Could not get primary session for user: No data available
00:00:00.005 [ERROR] [wlr] [libseat] [libseat/libseat.c:79] No backend was able to open a seat
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/session/session.c:84] Unable to create seat: Function not implemented
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/session/session.c:218] Failed to load session backend
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [wlr] [backend/backend.c:353] Failed to start a DRM session
00:00:00.006 [ERROR] [sway/server.c:53] Unable to create backend

Further investigation needed.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
bug high-priority

~proycon 2 years ago*

Here my upgrade log transition from a working situation to a broken one, so one of these is the culprit:

(109/124) Upgrading seatd (0.6.2-r1 -> 0.6.3-r0)
Executing seatd-0.6.3-r0.post-upgrade
(110/124) Upgrading seatd-doc (0.6.2-r1 -> 0.6.3-r0)
(111/124) Upgrading seatd-openrc (0.6.2-r1 -> 0.6.3-r0)
(113/124) Upgrading libseat (0.6.2-r1 -> 0.6.3-r0)
(114/124) Upgrading sway (1.6.1-r0 -> 1.6.1-r1)

~proycon 2 years ago

Ok, I found the cause of this problem and the solution, there is now a "seat" group which owns the seatd socket. Adding the user to the seat group fixed the problem:

sudo usermod -G seat -a $USER

~stacyharper REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

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