headphone volume too soft in a call

I tried placing a call with sxmo 1.6.0 on pmOS edge using my headphones. After dialing I switched the setting to "linejack" and "linemic". I used the gesture to turn the volume to 100%. I could hear sound in both ears, but it was still pretty soft, and would not be enough for me to hear a call in a noisy environment. The microphone on the headset seemed loud enough when I listened on the other end.

I also used alsamixer to turn all gain settings I could find to 100%; that didn't seem to affect the headphone volume when I tried again in a call.

The headphone volume when listening to music is plenty loud.

I usually use phosh on pmOS edge and my same headphones sound much louder in a phone call. An oddity there is I only hear sound in the left ear.

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~jpsamaroo 2 years ago

The issue is in the sxmo_megiaudioroute program, which sets the volumes manually. You can use sxmo_vol.sh to then set the audio volume higher.

Of course, this is still a bug in my eyes, and should probably be handled by setting a higher default volume in sxmo_megiaudioroute.

~rbrewer 2 years ago

Thanks for the tip, that helped me dig deeper. I started alsamixer and watched it while starting a call. alsamixer showed the headphone volume immediately set to 16% which seems to roughly match what sxmo_megiaudioroute is doing. However, choosing the Volume Up and Volume Down entries in the call menu didn't seem to affect the headphone volume as shown in alsamixer, nor in what I can hear in the headphones. Also, the volume up/down gestures don't change the headphone volume in the call either. So there seems to be some sort of problem controlling the headphone volume during the call.

~stacyharper 2 years ago

Ya probably all this sound controll should be reworked and checked and should also support pipewire/pulseaudio setups

~rbrewer referenced this from #436 1 year, 11 months ago

~l5_plaintextsk 1 year, 10 months ago

Is changing volume possible during call? I am not able to do "anything" with my pinephone since a while, because I see no possibility to move menu away and send keystrokes to any other app. A few months ago there was some menu item, which have made menu to appear as regular app and that way there was ability to use terminal for example...

~stacyharper 1 year, 10 months ago

Yes there is an issue with changing volume atm.

sxmo-dmenu allow us to make the menu a regular window. But this feature is really specific to sxmo-dmenu and we dont have it with other menus.

I think we should be able to close the menu while continuing the call and being able to open it up later

~phartman REPORTED FIXED 1 year, 7 months ago

Should be fixed in 1.9

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