[swmo] status bar sometimes displays [error reading from status command]

I got this after upgrading from 1.5.x to 1.6.0. Apparently this is known:


It was gone after another reboot.

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~the01player 1 year, 12 days ago

I can confirm this problem as well, it seems to happen at startup after some reboots. Rebooting again has always fixed the problem for me.

~phartman 11 months ago

I have a hunch its an errant sxmo_statusbarupdate.sh that sneaks in. Can anyone get this to replicate reliably? If you rem out everything in sxmo_statusbarupdate.sh does it still happen?

~phartman 11 months ago*

I dunno, maybe I just got lucky, but if I add a sleep 10s in the start hook (/usr/share/sxmo/default_hooks/start) before the sxmo_audioout.sh, I no longer get this error. (The sxmo_audioout.sh calls sxmo_statusbarupdate.sh early on in sway's loading, so perhaps it was interrupting the swaybar and causing the error?)

Probably it's just me, and the problem is deeper inside sway.

~pr0file 11 months ago

I can confirm that putting in 'sleep 10' worked for me too.

~emulti 11 months ago*

Issue did not go away after 3+ reboots, but adding 'sleep 10' to the start hook also fixed it for me (Arch Linux ARM)

~craftyguy 10 months ago

so I think this is caused from statusbarupdate (called from audioout) sending a USR1 signal before the statusbar script has set a trap for it. the shell will quit when it receives an unhandled signal, like USR1.

I sent a patch that moves the signal trapping bit to the very start of statusbar.sh, and in my testing (calling 'pkill sway' in a loop and watching the status bar) it seems to be a lot more reliable. no bar crashes after 30 iterations of the loop, where previously it was crashing about once every ~5 iterations or so.

~poetgrant 9 months ago

I haven't figured out how to clear this error out on my Pinephone. I haven't had a status bar in about 3 weeks. I keep hoping the next update will fix it because I can't figure out why it is happening.

tjw.ward@gmail.com 9 months ago · edit

I believe this is a new issue as it showed up for me last week after an update. I tried the 10 second sleep in the start hook but it did not fix it for me.

~craftyguy 9 months ago

strange, do you have this patch applied? https://lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-devel/patches/27845

It was merged ~1 month ago, but maybe not in some version you are running?

~phartman REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG 6 months ago

Calling it NOT_OUR_BUG. Reopen if this bug-that-never-dies comes back (although it'll still be NOT_OUR_BUG probably).

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