some icons in nerd fonts display wrong

This is FYI, maybe we put a comment in sxmo_common.sh. https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/issues/478#issuecomment-653251699

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~proycon 6 months ago

On 21-12-01 09:37, ~phartman wrote:

This is FYI, maybe we put a comment in sxmo_common.sh. https://github.com/ryanoasis/nerd-fonts/issues/478#issuecomment-653251699

Good point, I think we should avoid using any icons/fonts that do not restrict themselves to the Private Use Area. Repurposing other unicode ranges like the arabic ligatures is a big no-no in my view. Unicode is first and foremost designed to represent text (in all its forms).


Maarten van Gompel (proycon) https://proycon.anaproy.nl

~earboxer 5 months ago

Moving the icons has had a decent proposal upstream for over 2 years for the solution. I just submitted a pull request to implement that. (I think people don't like contributing there because it takes forever to clone the repo).

If it looks like it will be accepted but that it might just take a while, then we could create our own "sxmo-nerd-fonts" package. nerdfonts is pretty cool, though some of the icon-packs it pulls in are out of date, and there are many duplicated icons (and icons we'll never use).

~earboxer 5 months ago

Currently, icons are found in sxmo_icons.sh and the statusbar hook. (We use about 150 icons, typically for applications, actions, and status).

For reference, Nerd Fonts includes 3693 icons.

(it's possible there's some other project I don't know about)

FontAwesome variants have the benefit of keeping the same codepoints as they appear in nerd fonts, though it targets web-related usages. Material Design icons have a lot of the useful status icons for mobile devices. OpenMoji has an "extras-unicode" section where they give some unicode codepoints their emoji design facelift, plus a small number of additional codes in the private use area. The black & white variants often suffer a little neglect.

~baroque0 5 months ago

Call me picky, and/or old-fashioned and/or weird and/or anything else...

.. but i don't like the idea of a font that embeds the logos of enemies of the people such as Google, Amazon, etc.

The mere idea of allocating some of my rare disk space for these logos, that they could pop up by accident etc.. makes me uncomfortable :/

~stacyharper 5 months ago

We are many to share this thoughts. We'r open to alternatives :)

~earboxer 5 months ago

I was thinking that Google Material Icons didn't include brand-icons, but they do (They're also not a great upstream to work with, requiring CLA's).

It's fairly easy to switch what icon font fallback is used, in /etc/fonts/conf.d like so, but this presents the next huge pain: if you SSH in from a machine that doesn't have the icon pack, you can get blank icons, or worse, completely incorrect icons, because many of the icons are from the Private Use Area.

We should use unicode characters when possible, but an emoji presentation (like this) makes the system look inconsistent. Having a consistent emoji font, like OpenMoji, would be one solution (though OpenMoji ships enemy logos).

(On the "don't reinvent the wheel", I believe phosh uses named icons, like gnome things do it, so no icons over SSH)

I guess the idea is this: We make our own icon pack, but package it as a font, where glyphs are ZWJ sequences. E.g.

πŸ”‹β€9 = 90% charged battery icon

πŸ“Άβ€3 = 3 bars of signal

4‍G⃣ = [4G] icon

πŸ“‘β€3 = 3 bars of wifi (todo: unicode may add a "Wifi Symbol" character later this year)

etc. Then it has a sane fallback for when it's not working.

~earboxer 3 months ago

I started a project with my approach to replacing Nerd Fonts as described above, and it's at the point where others can help if they're interested.

I call it Simple β…©βœ•β…© Mobile Icons (because the icons are made on a 10 by 10 grid: I'm not trying to assert some officiality yet).

~earboxer 2 months ago

Alternatively, https://sr.ht/~grmat/otf-statusbar/ might be an easier project to use instead (though creating new icons requires an SVG editor, not quite as "simple" as my project).

Currently this has icons relevant to status bar.

~phartman REPORTED FIXED a month ago

I think we've now fixed all these cases. So marking as fixed for now. I like the idea of pursuing an alternative here, but let's open a new ticket (or better see a patch on sxmo-devel) for it :D

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