Pinephone Pro support

I'd like to track sxmo support for the Pinephone Pro in this ticket. I got my developer edition today and this is an inventory on what works and doesn't work yet:

Not working:

  • LEDs (green stays on)
  • multi-finger gestures (single finger works fine)
  • hardware buttons
  • hardware clock wrong on first boot, okay afterwards
  • modem
  • reboot/poweroff
  • flashlight
  • sound
  • megapixels, missing pine64.pinephone-pro.ini
  • suspend/crust


  • touchscreen
  • wayland
  • wifi

Various of these issues may need to be handled in other upstream projects rather than sxmo.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
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~proycon 2 years ago

More things that don't work yet:

  • vibration motor
  • battery status

I submitted an initial patch for the LEDs (but blue led not responsive) and the power button (volume buttons not available yet).

~proycon 2 years ago

X also works, remains noticeably slower than wayland despite the cpu upgrade, but there seems to be an svkbd issue (closes/crashes? on keypress, but works fine when started over ssh)

~anjan 2 years ago

~proycon, it seems that lisgd crashes when the screen is turned off. Any idea what thats about?

~anjan 2 years ago*

~anjan 2 years ago

Also, while implementing support for the pinephone pro, lets try to refactor some of our code. Device specific code should go in sxmo_deviceprofile_<DEVNAME>.sh.

~anjan 2 years ago

the autorotate script might need some tuning but it works with the new kernel.

~stacyharper 2 years ago

~proycon, it seems that lisgd crashes when the screen is turned off. Any idea what thats about?

Mhh ? lisgd should be stopped while the screen turn off. Is it what you got ?

~anjan 2 years ago

~stacyharper Ya, I think it's fine, I was just tripping

~anjan referenced this from #436 2 years ago

~phartman 2 years ago

is it still true that sound doesn't work on ppp? if it does, let's update the main post!

~mungfusensei 2 years ago

~phartman Sound works on the PPP, if your ucm files are working properly, and you're using the git version of sxmo instead of 1.8.2. The alsa ucm files don't have clean little playback switches for certain things like the earpiece, so the 1.8.2 audio scripts can never actually be satisfied, even with a device profile fully filled out. It works fine under pipewire/pulse, except for callaudiod, which might be a separate issue entirely and isn't a universal problem.

~mungfusensei 2 years ago

Pretty much everything in this list is fixed, minus Megapixels. Sound can be made to work but has to be done at the kernel/distro level, easy for a user to fix themselves though, and out of SXMO's hands.

~phartman REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

I'm going to close this out then. Let's open individual tickets for each ppp issue going forward.

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