Notch support

Currently, upstream is discussing how to implement notch support:


Regardless, Sxmo doesnt need this issue to be resolved upstream and we can work around notch issues in sway/dwm.

In sway, you can set the config to:

bar { gaps 42 0 } 

and the area around the notch will just not be used to display anything. It works extremely well.

How do we want to include this in the default config? Do we want to create an environmental variable in the device profiles and how would we load that environmental variable in dwm and sway config?

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~kohn 5 months ago

Perhaps on a seperate file which will be called from dwm and sway config using include?

~mafe 3 months ago

Seems to relate to #351 - Handling phone-specific sway configuration

I put mine to the bottom via bar { position bottom } as I have the same on my laptop devices. That doesn't solve nothing as the round display corners strip some of the information when the on-screen keyboard is disabled.

With this configuration the notch and the display corners are an issue for the notifications, too.
The top-right part is hidden behind the round display corner, the top-left part hides behind the notch, you can't read anything.

Thus, SXMO indeed does need this issue to be resolved upstream.

~stacyharper 3 months ago

I think this could be a part of the deviceprofiles. Check scripts/deviceprofiles from sxmo-utils

~plasmastrike 2 months ago

~plasmastrike 2 months ago

Notches are an annoying thing to deal with for whatever goes in their place:( With Firefox bars or whatever app you have open is not worth coding a gap for In the top bar with a device specific profile sounds like a clean solution:)

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