[meta] various audio problems with Pipewire+Callaudiod

This is an attempt at regrouping a number of problems that arose with recent massive changes in audio backend. (Don't get me wrong: i think these changes are very welcome, and I can see a future where all things will be fine and well-integrated, it's not about complaining. Just: there seems to be a range of symptoms that may require to be collected under one roof in order to see clearer about ways of fixing.)

  • #475 - seems to be fixed by latest/head version of callaudiod, soon in pmos edge?

  • #496 - callaudiod not switching from HiFi to VoiceCall.

  • WOB/gesture lisgd gesture for volume change is sometimes not acting at all: works during calls, but when not inside calls doesn't seem to work at all, whether headphones are connected or not (to this i wonder if it has to do with difference of approach between pipewire-alsao and pipewire-pulseaudio, as i am not sure which application is using which backend, and it may have an impact here?)

  • Is there anywhere where ringer volume can be changed/set?

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~baroque0 2 years ago

(feel free to close/delete this if you think it's redundant or not helpful!)

~mungfusensei 2 years ago

Having dealt with trying to get audio on my PPPro working for the last couple weeks, some things should be noted here, as they may not be sxmo-specific problems.

On pmOS, the ucm files aren't properly loaded due to either the card name not being properly recognized, or the files being misnamed. I'm guessing it's the first. If you are having audio troubles with your Pro, try this.

strace alsaucm -c hw:0 set _verb HiFi 2>&1 | grep -e "alsa/ucm.*ENOENT"

If your ucm files are named correctly, this should output nothing. If they are misnamed, this will tell you what files it's actually looking for. Just rename your /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/conf.d/simple-card/PinePhonePro.conf as necessary, and audio will work fine with pipewire etc. The only issue after that is callaudiod not switching profiles. Calls work fine if you manually switch to the VoiceCall profile (Phone call in pavucontrol).

Just for clarity, this is not an sxmo issue, but it does muddy the picture when it comes to dealing with sxmo audio issues, so it's best that users are aware of it.

~phartman REPORTED FIXED 2 years ago

Marking as fixed for now. Trying to clean up the audio-related tickets now with the latest git head. If this is still a problem, open a new ticket :D

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