sxmo_hooksmenu.sh is broken

I can only edit hooks that exist in /usr/share/sxmo/default_hooks but any hooks that are subfoldered into /usr/share/sxmo/default_hooks/DEVICE fail because the script doesnt create the [device] subfolder in ~/.config/sxmo/hooks

if you manually create the device folder in ~/.config/sxmo/hooks/pine64,pinephone-1.2 the menu works fine again.

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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~trbl 5 months ago · edit

there's no reason to have subfolders in ~/.config/sxmo/hooks for devices. obviously you will only run your hooks from a single device

~trbl 5 months ago · edit

~/.config/sxmo/hooks/pine64,pinephone-1.2/sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh should just be


~stacyharper 5 months ago

Inspect the PATH and you'll discover that your ~/.config/sxmo/hooks/sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh will never be used if there is a /usr/share/sxmo/default_hooks/pine64,pinephone-1.2/sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh

Plus you can totally have dotfiles that fits for multiple devices. And you can totally write your own "device" specific hooks for one or another device.

So yes, this hook script must handle the devices subfolder. A return I already gave before last patchs arround this menu.

~trbl 5 months ago · edit

thats nice, but it doesnt address that the hookmenu.sh doesnt work

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