change user on running arch/sxmo system

Arch on PinephonePro using DanctNix image: https://github.com/dreemurrs-embedded/Pine64-Arch/releases

However, I am not able to change standard user: alarm to another user.

What I did: created a new user with sudoer privileges, logged in via ssh with newuser, tried to kill sxmo alarm user with:

sudo pkill -KILL -u alarm sudo killall -9 sway

but sxmo automatically relaunches with alarm user so I am not able to execute: usermod -d /home/newuser -m alarm usermod -l newuser alarm

how would I change standard user in arch/sxmo ?

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~nqd 10 months ago

I would like a fix for this as well. The auto login is nice but having a temp user created or just being able to boot into the tty as an option would be great. If we could have a script that just creates a temp reboot into a tty would help with this kind of issue.

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