Dialer keyboard and other flavours

Dialer and other application like terminal, browser, etc. are much more comfortable with specialized keyboard. I would start with simple one. Decision what app it was invoked for may be tricky. Saving target PID could help.

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10 months ago
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~mil 10 months ago

What are your ideas for other applications that need specialized layouts? Making a single layout / two layouts as general-purpose as possible is the current approach.

I do buy into the idea that we should have a separate dialer layout - but I think the way that should be accomplished is by extending / properly modifying svkbd to support multiple layers. Currently I patched in 2 layer support for the binary (svkbd-sxmo) but there's no reason why this couldn't be more fine-grained and you couldn't ship any number of layers you want in a single binary. If we did this then the user could jump between letters/secondary numbers & symbols/dialer layouts easily (e.g. this helps if you need to input a phone number into a website or something). Also there could be a commandline-flag to jump to a specific layer to start with which would satisfy the dialer layout to start use-case for calling functionality.

~fedon 10 months ago

From my experience general purpose keyboard doesn't fit any particular application ;) If you don't mind redundancy among layers I wouldn't mind to merge everything into one binary. I was under impression every layer has to have the same number of keys. That is why I wrote dedicated keyboard for dialer. For myself I would definitely do "terminal" layout and "surf" layout. The latter would have less keys but they could be much bigger. The former must have "/,-,arrows,ctrl,tab" on top (IMHO). And of cause "dialer" layout could have bigger keys. I just don't know how to enlarge keys vertically. And just aesthetic detail -- arrow is much better as "<-" not "L". But for this you have to change Backspace to "<==" ;) Last but not least rotated keyboard could be quite different as well. ;)

~proycon 9 months ago

I implemented a dialer keyboard in svkbd, using the new multiple layer functionality, entirely in line with what was suggested by ~mil in the first comment. The ability to enlarge keys vertically as suggested by ~fedon is also implemented.

See https://lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-devel/patches/11653

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