ligsd fails to start on latest git

Hi All,

Just migrated to the latest configs and apk update and found ligsd fails to start.

Running pinephone with pmos edge and sxmo-utils is built from source

I have tried running sxmo_hook_ligsdstart.sh and I get the following output:

    • sxmo_common.sh
  • command -v shopt
  • alias 'dmenu=sxmo_dmenu.sh'
  • alias 'bemenu=sxmo_dmenu.sh'
  • alias 'jq=gojq'
  • command -v sxmobar
  • LISGD_INPUT_DEVICE=/dev/input/by-path/first-touchscreen
  • '[' dwm '=' sway ']'
  • lisgd -d /dev/input/by-path/first-touchscreen -s 1.0 -t 125 -T 60 -g '1,DRUL,BR,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh bottomrightcorner' -g '1,DLUR,BL,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh bottomleftcorner' -g '1,ULDR,TL,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh topleftcorner' -g '1,URDL,TR,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh toprightcorner' -g '1,LR,B,L,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh rightbottomedge' -g '1,RL,B,L,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh leftbottomedge' -g '1,LR,L,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh rightleftedge' -g '1,RL,R,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh leftrightedge' -g '1,DU,L,,P,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh upleftedge' -g '1,UD,L,,P,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh downleftedge' -g '1,LR,T,,P,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh righttopedge' -g '1,RL,T,,P,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh lefttopedge' -g '1,DU,B,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh upbottomedge' -g '1,UD,B,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh downbottomedge' -g '1,UD,T,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh downtopedge' -g '1,DU,T,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh uptopedge' -g '2,UD,T,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh twodowntopedge' -g '2,UD,B,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh twodownbottomedge' -g '1,DU,R,,P,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh uprightedge' -g '1,UD,R,,P,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh downrightedge' -g '1,LR,R,S,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh rightrightedge_short' -g '1,RL,L,S,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh leftrightedge_short' -g '1,RL,,L,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh longoneleft' -g '1,LR,,L,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh longoneright' -g '1,DU,,L,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh longoneup' -g '1,UD,,L,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh longonedown' -g '1,RL,,M,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh mediumoneleft' -g '1,LR,,M,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh mediumoneright' -g '1,DU,,M,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh mediumoneup' -g '1,UD,,M,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh mediumonedown' -g '1,RL,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh oneleft' -g '1,LR,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh oneright' -g '1,DU,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh oneup' -g '1,UD,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh onedown' -g '1,DRUL,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh upleft' -g '1,URDL,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh downleft' -g '1,DLUR,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh upright' -g '1,ULDR,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh downright' -g '2,RL,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh twoleft' -g '2,LR,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh tworight' -g '2,DU,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh twoup' -g '2,UD,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh twodown' -g '3,RL,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh threeleft' -g '3,LR,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh threeright' -g '3,DU,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh threeup' -g '3,UD,,,setsid -f sxmo_hook_inputhandler.sh threedown' lisgd [-v] [-d /dev/input/0] [-o 0] [-t 200] [-r 20] [-m 400] [-g '1,LR,L,*,R,notify-send swiped left to right from left edge']

Is there something I seem to be missing that is making it fail to start?

Peter Thomason
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5 months ago
5 months ago
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~stacyharper 5 months ago


That is because sxmo-utils master use lisgd master.

If you did not use sxmo-factory: Use this repo to build the packages based on master for every dependency sxmo needs.


And if you did: git pull and retry. I fixed the problem on sxmo-factory.

Thanks for reporting this!

~hazardchem 5 months ago

Hi Willow,

Yep all sorted with using lastest lisgd, cheers!

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