sxmo-screenlock does not block multitouch events

  1. Open firefox and navigate to a scrollable page.
  2. Engage screenlock (most obvious with display on, but this also occurs with display off).
  3. Press one finger in the middle of the screen and drag on the scrollbar with the other. The page scrolls.

As an aside, it might be worth investigating if the touch sensor or the entire display module can be powered off instead of just disabling the backlight, as it might save a touch on power.

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3 years ago
2 years ago

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~proycon 3 years ago

I'm not entirely sure if this is fixed now, I'd suppose so since the display is off, we'll have to test to be sure.

~tetrakist 3 years ago

This is confirmed not fixed as of 2021-03-16 in 1.3.0. Two-finger tap and scroll work when the screen is locked with display on or off.

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