Is there any moderation or report function on linkhut?

Sandra Snan
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1 year, 2 months ago
5 months ago

~mlb 1 year, 2 months ago

Hi there!

Not at the moment, no.

I’m planning on doing some work in this area in the upcoming weeks, but it’s mainly going to be focused on the admin side of things: provide a terms of service, privacy policy, and the contact for the instance admin. I’m also planning to implement a feature to shadow ban accounts so they can’t polute the recent/popular feeds, but that’s currently very low in my prioritized list of features (but this being the internet I’m ready for the eventuality of having to reconsider my priorities if I start seeing abuses).

Let me know if you have ideas on moderation/reporting features you’d like to see implemented. Things are still at a stage where early feedback can go a long way in shaping the roadmap. Going to leave this open for a few days.

Sandra Snan 1 year, 2 months ago · edit

Just a report link on users and urls to notify the host of a particular instance so they can ban, shadowban, or neither the particular account as they see fit, along with a page of instance rules 🤷🏻‍♀️

~mesaoptimizer 5 months ago*

I've decided to switch to buku after seeing the kinkspam that this user decided to throw onto the frontpage. Just a heads up.

Also take a look at the tags list on the front page -- it is filled with kink-related tags.

Sandra Snan 5 months ago · edit

Also one user is named "racewar"…?

Sandra Snan 5 months ago · edit

Sandra Snan sandra.snan@idiomdrottning.org writes:

Also one user is named "racewar"…?

Although they seem to mostly be posting normal Unix things. 😵‍💫

~mlb 5 months ago

I've added support to mark a user as unlisted so their bookmarks won't be part of the homepage, and have toggled this setting for the user in question.

For now, there's no way for a user to opt-in into this feature, although I intend to make it available through the settings page in the future, as I believe there's probably a few users that would like the ability to have public links but without these appearing in the front pages. I will retain the ability for the instance admin to force this setting on users as a moderation tool however.

I apologize for not being able to resolve this situation sooner, this happening during the end of year break I wasn't able to react as quickly as I would have hoped.

Keeping this issue open though, as this shows there's still plenty of work to do with regards to moderation.

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