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Hello! Thanks for linkhut. When I'm adding a new link, I like to know which tags I have so I don't get almost-duplicates (e.g. article & articles) and also so I can remember the tags I can use. Is this a feature you would consider supporting?

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10 months ago
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~mlb 10 months ago


I was planning on adding support for showing the user's most recent and most used tags as well as any public tags already associated with the entry being added. I had this fairly low in my list of features, but I think I'll pick it up right after the next release which is a refactoring of the schema for user settings.

I'll update the ticket when I start working on it, so I can get your input on how you would like it to work.

~edwardloveall 10 months ago

Sounds great! Happy to provide my feedback when the time comes.

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