#504 Suggestions from a user’s point of view 14 days ago

Ticket created by ~neff on ~sircmpwn/aerc2

Aerc is great, using it extremely intuitive! Thank you very much for your efforts.

I am not a programmer (nor a native speaker). But I have been using mutt for years. So the following suggestions for aerc are just observations from a user’s point of view. I hope this makes sense.

  • index-format: show contact data of from for received, but of to (With a To indicator) for sent emails.

  • index-format: Support %X to show number of attachments (including inline attachments used e.g. by Apple Mail).

  • Add a flag to search for or limit to emails with attachments (e.g. :search -a).

  • dirlist-format: Support sequence to show number of flagged messages. This would be a possible entry in the sidebar: Inbox 100 [5].

  • address-book-cmd: Support searching for multiple comma (or semicolon) separated email addresses in To, CC, and BCC field.

  • Use the from email address (alternate email addresses) the mail was sent to as default (not necessarily the account’s email address).

  • Add a flag (e.g. -a) to :save command to automatically save all attachments with the respective file names.

  • Adding many attachments is quite cumbersome as aerc does not use a ‘real’ file browser. Is there any idea how this should be handled (single .zip file; upload files to a cloud server)?