Handle sites trying to be cute with troublesome emojis

Seems like an upstream tk thing: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60982547/when-a-user-enters-an-emoji-into-the-tkinter-entry-widget-an-exception-is-throw

Test case: gemini://mozz.us

Since it's an upstream thing, will probably need to sanitize content before passing it to tkinter at all.

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11 months ago
8 months ago
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~nhanb 8 months ago*

Another test case: gemini://makeworld.gq/about.gmi

Looks like tcl/tk 8.6.11 no longer crashes, but selection behavior is wonky (extra blank space out of nowhere):

~fkfd 8 months ago

Interesting; I'm glad to see that Tk has resolved the issue. Do I have to just update Tcl/Tk systemwise, yes?

~nhanb 8 months ago

Do I have to just update Tcl/Tk systemwise, yes?

Yeah, all I had to do on Arch was a simple pacman -Syu to get the latest tk package.

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