Status messages appear in a weird unnamed-muc

According to tulir, the man, himself:

they're perfectly ordinary messages, the chat jid is status@broadcast

Apparently slidge-whatsapp think they are group messages, which creates a unnamed MUC.

We should handle that case with contact.online(status='the text') instead. It can be something else than a text, so this does not work. Keeping it a read-only MUC. To make XMPP clients know that it's read only, there is no helper in slidge yet, but the idea is to:

part = await muc.get_user_participant()
part.affiliation = "member"
part.role = "visitor"
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~nicoco a month ago

From https://github.com/tulir/whatsmeow/blob/main/types/message.go#L19

IsGroup bool // Whether the chat is a group chat or broadcast list

~nicoco a month ago

According to Peter, statuses and broadcast lists are not the same. We should probably do some testing with official clients, one day. But I suggest we handle it all as a read-only MUC anyway, and make sure we don't try to fetch info for an invalid group JID as this might look very suspicious from the Meta side.

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