Unable to install using pipx on a recent Arch Linux system with python 3.12

I just upgraded my arch linux system to python 3.12 and now I am unable to (re-)install slidge-whatsapp using pipx: https://upload.jmad.org/upload/59bf6f2e-e550-4706-b81e-91ae7b5b46d2/cmd_2024-04-27_08.13.16_pip_errors.log

I think this is because the CI only builds the wheel for python 3.11. I haven't tested it because I don't have access to the CI but this might fix it: https://upload.jmad.org/upload/27985ba8-67a5-4662-94d0-7d1a322fc3b5/0001-Add-build-for-python-3.12.patch

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2 months ago
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~nicoco 2 months ago

I'll try adding 3.12 build. You should be able to install anyway, but you need to have the go compiler available.

PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'go'

I can have a look into improving the build script to make the error message more explicit. But providing pre-built binaries for 3.12 would be good indeed.

~aereaux 2 months ago

Yes, I was able to install after installing go, it mostly just takes a little longer. Thanks for looking into this!

~nicoco a month ago

I gave your patch a try: https://builds.sr.ht/~nicoco/job/1235273

The arm64 build segfaults for some reason :-/

~aereaux a month ago

That's really weird, it works on my machine (when pipx installing :-/). Any idea what I could do to get it closer to what the CI does to reproduce?

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