Last seen stops updating after a while

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~nicoco 1 year, 11 days ago

According to tulir, the man:

do I have to "manually" SendPresence(Presence.UnAvailable) once in while?

probably need to set it to available periodically if you want presence updates

~nicoco 1 year, 10 days ago

nicoco referenced this ticket in commit 9c62891.

~nicoco 1 year, 9 days ago

nicoco referenced this ticket in commit 924bc88.

~deuill 1 year, 8 days ago

Thanks for digging into this and for proving the need with the ad-hoc commands -- AFAICT the behaviour here is that, unless you send "available" status periodically (whatever the interval needs to be), WhatsApp will assume you're unavailable and will thus stop sending extraneous events (like contact presences and notifications).

Does this sound about right? Specifically, this seems to tell me that we only need to do periodic updates if we're in "available" state, and not if the user has chosen to be unavailable (via ad-hoc commands).

~nicoco 11 months ago

I just realised something. Using the "contacts" chat or adhoc command triggers whtaspp presence subscription for all contacts, and updates their status. It seems that this is what we need to do periodically, I'm not even sure about setting our own presence is necessary, but maybe?

~deuill 11 months ago

You're right, it does. Last I checked, these subscriptions were shorter-lived, and didn't continue to update beyond their initial update at the time of the adhoc command itself, but I'm running some tests and looking at this more closely.

~deuill 11 months ago*

I pushed an (experimental) fix for this in 0d57517 -- contact presences seem to stop after 24 hours, so we should be able to tell if this fix worked shortly.

~nicoco 8 months ago

I think we can close this one, your fixes seems to work for me. I've noticed sometimes that the presence is a bit outdated, but this self resolves after a while.

~deuill 8 months ago

Same here, yeah. I think maybe I can reduce the interval between background sync jobs, but otherwise the recent-ish fixes seem to have worked. Cheers!

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