Whatsapp re-login in advance

When whatsapp logs you out, you don' necessarily get the mean to perform the "re-login" right away.

It would be nice to have a no disruption of service. For that, ask the user to re-login before expiration.

I guess the whatsapp login last 15 days. So maybe as re-login every 10 days?

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30 days ago
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~nicoco REPORTED NOT_OUR_BUG a month ago

Oh I forgot to reply to this earlier, apologies... Thanks for the suggestion!

It looks a bit complicated to do since we have no clue when the unlink will be triggered. I have it every 2 weeks on average, but it's sometimes longer, sometimes shorter... And my partner who didn't uninstall the whatsapp client from their phone just never had to repair in more than a year. Slidge-whatsapp should notify you when you need to re-pair, I think it's fine this, except that you miss messages on the XMPP side in between re-pairs. I'm closing this in favor of https://todo.sr.ht/~nicoco/slidge-whatsapp/31

~tuxicoman 30 days ago

I wonder if this is not linked to the last strong interaction(like sending a message) we have with the service.

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