Call notification keeps repeating

When legacy contact calls the user, user gets multiple messages "tried to call you but this is not supported by this slidge-signal" P.S. slidge-signal is slidgnal container name I've configured in my docker-compose Messages repeat in (apperently) random intervals, but from my experience do not exceed 10 minutes since actual call.

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7 months ago
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~nicoco 7 months ago

You get a message each time signald receives this event from signald.

As you can see, it is quite poorly documented and it's hard for me to interpret what it means. I propose two approaches, let me know what you think is best:

  1. The easy one: I put a timer, around 10 minutes, so no "missed call" notification should be repeated for the same call.
  2. The more ambitious one: I include in the message the raw JSON content of the "CallMessage" payload, and we try to understand what the different fields mean.

I'd go for number 1, but if you're extra motivated, we can try to do something better with number 2. :)

~darknneko 6 months ago ยท edit

Hi, sorry for long reply, last week was quite busy. I think, number one will be quite enough, since the only thing that annoys me is that I keep getting the same notification over and over again. Since to answer call I have to use official client anyway, second solution is an overkill (and honestly, might be just a waste of time).

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