Shell completion for commands and game titles

Would be nice to have shell completion for eidolon. If possibly including game titles.

Not sure how hard it is to implement and whether your think it's necessary at all.

Games can be run via shell like this:

eidolon run "$(eidolon list | fzf | cut -d- -f2)"

rustup can be referenced here, that's how I get its completions in my .rc, for example:

source <(rustup completions zsh) 2&>/dev/null
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3 years ago
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~nicohman 3 years ago

This seems like a good idea, and it's definitely possible. I'll look into the App.gen_completions function from clap, although I do wonder how easy it would be for that to also include the game titles.

~murlakatamenka 3 years ago

Thanks. I guess I should've made separate tickets, more atomic.

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