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#160 Error: object must have a content a month ago

Ticket created by ~nigini on ~tsileo/microblog.pub

When submitting a new article, I was testing to post only an attachment. The error message "Error: object must have a content" came after the request was processed by the server...

It would likely be better to check the required fields before submitting the publish request to the server, right?

#56 Feat: edit existing notes a month ago

Comment by ~nigini on ~tsileo/microblog.pub

Also interested in both "editing published posts" and "saving a draft." If the project owner is interested in the draft-saving functionality, I would like to take a look into it and suggest an implementation.

#125 images in markdown a month ago

Comment by ~nigini on ~tsileo/microblog.pub

I would also like to have that functionality! Would the project managers be interested in that functionality? If so, I'm willing to look into it and try to implement it.