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#18 Migrate to Zig 0.11 5 months ago

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#583 placing call with pipewire 3.77? 10 months ago

on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Pipewire 0.3.78 solve this: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/pipewire/-/issues/3414

Wait for this to land: https://gitlab.alpinelinux.org/alpine/aports/-/merge_requests/50389

Then you can upgrade Pipewire using the tip from ~noneofyourbusiness doas apk add pipewire>0.3.70-r1, or removing the pipewire= line from /etc/apk/world.

I also applied a patch on sxmo-utils master to fix the speaker mode being disabled after a call (I hope).

I mark this as resolved, let's keep an eye on call audio issue and re-open if something still looks wrong.

#584 Incoming SMS that are slow to finish arriving are missed 10 months ago

Comment by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

another option is to also notify when one is receiving a new sms, not doing that loop with mmcli

one can decide do that polling for when the sms will finally arrive anyway, still having that issue, but not in base sxmo (turing halting problem)

kiss, keep it simple and straightforward

#585 Add a deviceprofile beginners' guide 10 months ago

Ticket created by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Currently the docs[0] and readme[1] are not enough for beginners.

From #sxmo irc:


noneofyourbusiness, the README and SYSTEMGUIDE both just assume too much of base knowledge and I get stuck. neither of those explain how I would find out the values for say "SXMO_MONITOR" etc. I mean for a sxmo dev this probably is so self-evident that the first thought may be "well of course everyone should know how you find these out, it's basic

[0] https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs-next/CONTRIBUTING.md [1] https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-utils/tree/master/item/scripts/deviceprofiles/README.md

#583 placing call with pipewire 3.77? 10 months ago

Comment by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

mitigation for pmos:

add http://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.18/community to /etc/apk/repositories

doas apk add pipewire=0.3.70-r1

reap the stability of alpine releases

change back with

doas apk add pipewire>0.3.70-r1

#567 sxmo_init.sh not respecting user defined $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR 10 months ago

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#499 mnc: If the crontab doesnt end with a newline, mnc crashes 10 months ago

Comment by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I think the error is here: https://pkg.go.dev/strings#TrimSpace

It trims whitespace, including newlines.


You want to just separate the fields by (whitespace), and then trim leading/trailing whitespace

#581 Auto generate deviceinfo 10 months ago

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#582 deviceprofile should be manifested in INI files 10 months ago

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Second comment is about OS directory structure, what folders are for what purpose, according to someone else (LSB Workgroup). With these executable scripts that happen to just set variables, they can belong in multiple.

Since you mentioned not putting them in /usr/bin

Sxmo itself is supposed to be hackable[0] (easy to change), which is part of why it's written in shell scripts.

[0] https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs-stable/

#573 menu redesign 10 months ago

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I really like this idea of the menu structure mirroring the directory structure. Reusing the filesystem to store state, which can just as easily be modified.

On the topic of merging with dmenu: don't. dmenu is for x11, slmenu (dead, lives on in the fork vis-menu[1]) is for the terminal, and bemenu chooses to support multiple. Users can decide which one they want.

[1] https://github.com/martanne/vis/blob/master/vis-menu.c