http://0x0.st/-9yO.jpg I like C and program recreationally. I'm also into electronics and career-wise I'm going into a mechanics+electronics+embedded programming direction. After having tried multiple postmarketOS UIs on my phone, I have settled for sxmo, which is why I want to contribute to it. It's excellent.. thanks for making it and contributing to it.

#410 Add short comment/description of what each script does in the header 13 days ago

Comment by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

I agree. This would make understanding it easier and is a constant reminder of what the specific script is not for.

#357 Persist audio settings across reboots 2 months ago

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Looks like sxmo_modemcall.sh does alsa stuff here:

19: alsactl --file "$ALSASTATEFILE" restore

21: alsactl --file /usr/share/sxmo/alsa/default_alsa_sound.conf restore

123: alsactl --file "$ALSASTATEFILE" store

and ALSASTATEFILE has a hardcoded name...


Looks like sxmo_*init.sh both need another addition, with modemcall having a small change

#294 switch to doas instead of sudo 2 months ago

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https://github.com/Duncaen/OpenDoas/pull/71 is nearing completion

Looks like a good time to revise those patches

#355 Store temporary files in /tmp 3 months ago

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Yes and no. Sometimes you want to keep drafts just in case.. but even then, you can just copy it to some other place if you need it.

#357 Persist audio settings across reboots 3 months ago

Comment by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

Assuming this is with sway:

I don't think this ever was a feature. We have

amixer sset 'Line Out Source' 'Mono Differential','Mono Differential' amixer set "Line Out" 50%

(yes it still works with the typo)

in the xinit, which, along with a couple envvars, are absent from the default sway config

#355 Store temporary files in /tmp 3 months ago

Comment by ~noneofyourbusiness on ~mil/sxmo-tickets

my .cache is a symlink to /tmp (not just sxmo does this) so that does it for me.. however, .local/run has some files that honestly belong there as well so I could link it to /tmp as well

#330 Call blocking design ideas 3 months ago

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This is the data https://gitlab.com/xynngh/YetAnotherCallBlocker_data License for the repo is GPLv3 Approx. 171.53 MiB for the entire repo

#44 sxmo-utils: port slock and use to lock screen 3 months ago

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Looks usable and will probably speed things up --

Personally I'd start somewhere around line 319 in main.cpp

#163 switch from xdm to tinydm 3 months ago

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A logout will make sense once there is an actual lock with a passphrase. "restart dwm" and "logout" would have the same functionality, assuming the locking mechanism is automatically started.

#277 Modify sxmo_weather script to use wttr.in 3 months ago

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murks: maybe this example helps http://0x0.st/-45c.txt ? Sorry but afaik, command line options and Xresources are all the options you have without modifying the st source