Pomos Timer

!pomos [x y z] automatically:

  1. Mutes all people in a designated voice channel
  2. Sets a timer for x minutes, which on completion unmutes and pings everyone in the channel
  3. Sets a timer for y minutes, at which point everyone is pinged and muted again
  4. Repeats z times

!cancelpomos command pings everyone to let them know pomos has been cancelled and unmutes everyone.

(If necessary, I can create roles/channels with specific names like "Pomos" to make this easier.)

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4 years ago
2 years ago
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~closed_limelike_curves 4 years ago

Oh, and if !pomos also automatically made people unable to view or comment in text channels besides a specific pomodoros text channel to avoid distractions, that would be great. Thanks! :)

~nova 2 years ago

This can now sorta be done:

!remindme in u minutes every v minutes Work @role
!remindme in w minutes every x minutes Break @role

And then delete the initial message when you're done.

~erin 2 years ago


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