Lincoln-Douglas Debate Moderation

Feature Request (super low priority): Lincoln-Douglas Style Bot Moderation for a Specific Channel

The channel is structured so that any two random schmucks can say they want to talk about a topic, swap back and forth exchanging ideas and refuting ideas in longer form speeches, and end the conversation when they want to using a modified version of the 1on1 debate structure outlined by the NSDF.

Typical Lincoln-Douglass debate in debate circuits is formatted as follows: Affirmative Constructive (AC), 6m: Affirmative gives a 6 minute speech laying out initial arguments. Negative Cross Examination (CX), 3m: Negation asks the affirmative questions for 3 minutes. Negative Constructive, First Negation Rebuttal (NC/1NR), 7m: Negation states case and makes first rebuttals. Affirmative CX, 3m: Aff asks neg questions for 3 minutes. First Affirmative Rebuttal (1AR), 4m: Second Neg Rebuttal (2NR), 6m: Second Aff Rebuttal (2AR), 3m:

Usage would probably look like two members invoking commands to the bot indicating that they want to debate on a specific resolution, probably user supplied. Both users then set debate parameters (since the in person debate times usually aren't realistic online), such as word count, time allotted, number of back and forth speeches, so on. Since realistic conversations online are frequently back and forth forever, the bot should be able to handle any number of back and fourths.

Debate ends when one user decides to message the bot and end it.

During debate, the bot locks write permission to anyone who isn't in the debate and locks write permission to a debater who isn't in turn.

Overview of LD: https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/Intro_to_LD.J.Roberts.7.5.27.pdf Detailed breakdown for how LD works: https://www.speechanddebate.org/wp-content/uploads/Lincoln-Douglas-Debate-Textbook.pdf

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Admin/Moderation Module Feature Request

~nova 1 year, 8 months ago

Another useful feature would be to restrict reactions in the room to a whitelist (possibly just :plu: and :min:). Ideally this would be done after the content-based rate limiting, but we'll have to live with lesser measures for now.

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