Snooze: Endgame

Snooze currently implements a timeout based return. There are three more cases for the !snooze command, which we document here:

  • !snooze server:channel lull
  • !snooze server:channel topic
  • !snooze server:channel tag [tagname]


Ping the user back when there have been no messages sent for an hour. Exact threshold to be determined


Ping the user back when the channel is renamed. Bonus round: a version of this using the topic rather than channel name.


Tag! You're it! Ping the user back when someone recently involved in the conversation (as determined by the last up to 10 users to speak in the channel since the pingback list was created, with a bonus round version including users who've reacted) says that it's over. Bonus: allow moderators to pingback any list. Bonus 2: allow custom tagnames for multiple lists per channel.

#Miscellaneous Notes

If this is done in public, give people a reaction to click on to get added to the list. Some kind of !nowaitididntmeanit command seems worth implementing as well: probably !rejoin. Ping should be via PM most likely, and should include the name of the person who triggered the pingback if it is not done by a moderator. In either case, this should be recorded in the Audit Log.

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