blockquote feature

Allow people to distinguish paragraphs of quoted text by having the bot replace their messages with an embed.

For example:

zhaey: OK, so according to GiveWell:  
<new message>  
zhaey: bla  
<new message>  
zhaey: bla  
<new message>  
zhaey: !blockquote <2  
fletcher: <deletes both of the 2 "bla" messages (and the command), putting the text in an embed>
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Feature Request

~nova REPORTED FIXED 3 years ago

This is complete.

~danielh 3 years ago

This does not seem to work in Mobile; I don't know if that's feasible to fix.

Also, I was having trouble using it but maybe I just got tangled up reading the source code. I see there's some sort of Title functionality, but I couldn't seem to trigger it and could only get content-only blockquotes.

~danielh 3 years ago

I meant PM, not mobile. I try enough things on my phone that don't work that my hands autocompleted the sentence wrong.

I should go to bed, and proofread more.

~danielh 3 years ago

Further tests are mostly workin as described originally in this issue and I managed to get titles to work, but it still doesn't work in PM.

In the code I thought I saw some way of getting it all to happen in a single message instead of multiple, but I can't get that to work so probably I just misread it.

~danielh 3 years ago

The code path I was looking at for !blockquoteing the current message is here, but I think that never actually happens because at this point rollup is never both a defined variable and falsey.

~nova 3 years ago

Good point, fixed! As well as another bug breaking it in DMs.

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