Better feedback for failed commands

A couple commands have bad or inconsistent error handling. This should probably be unified and simplified. I'm not sure what the exact design should be; probably something like the !latex errors, although those are more verbose than most error messages should be. Some specific examples of issues, probably not exhaustive but hopefully representative:

  • When I try to do an invalid !snooze (eg., !snooze channel from PM, instead of the required !snooze server:channel), there is no feedback whatsoever. Ideally something like that should print an error message and maybe the help text for snooze (which doesnt mention server:channel, but that's possibly a different issue). To go with other failed commands like!latex`, maybe it should react with :no_entry_sign: too.

  • A !help on a nonexistent command reacts with the checkmark and then does nothing. The checkmark usually indicates ack or success, but no help was successfully displayed.

  • When you try to !roll something completely unparseable, like !roll rick, there is no response whatsoever. Other sorts of failures have custom error messages.

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