Command for copying emoji across discords

Suppose EAC has a :ditto: emoji. I want to add this to my Discord (and both Discords have Fletcher), so I do !esteal EAC:ditto and it adds the emoji to my discord. Additional suggestions:

  • !esteal EAC:ditto plusone (copy the emoji, but name it 'plusone')

  • !esteal :someexternalemoji: (add an emoji I can use because I have Nitro, or maybe even if I don't and the name gives an unambiguous result)

  • !esteal EAC:* (steal all emojis from EAC)

  • allow stealing multiple emojis in one use of the command, though I'm not sure how the syntax should work if you also do the steal-and-rename thing

  • allow stealing all the emojis in a message by adding some react to it (📠 or 🕵 maybe?)

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1 year, 3 months ago
11 months ago
Admin/Moderation Module Feature Request

~nova 1 year, 1 month ago

An initial implementation is available, !copy_emoji [emoji_name] [offset] works the same way as xreact. Limited to server admins. The guild scoped config should probably be done, it'll be in a future version.

~nova REPORTED FIXED 11 months ago

Custom names are now settable on input.

I'm not really sure about the second syntax, I think that I can't actually access the images for those reacts as a bot.

The guild scoped syntax is now available.

I'm not going to implement stealing multiple emojis at once, since I can't think of an elegant way to approve doing so. Unfortunately, this means that !esteal EAC:* is also not possible.

I'm not going to implement the :detective: feature because I don't think that it would be used often enough.

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