#4 error thrown at startup 23 days ago

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~perler: no you can't. As ~eric-pierce mentioned, there are some minor differences in the table structure. You have to first let bird.makeup create the tables and then populate the first rows manually. Hope this will be fixed in the future! Thanks a lot ~cloutier!

#4 error thrown at startup 26 days ago

Comment by ~perler on ~cloutier/bird.makeup

ok, so I can just connect the bird.makeup container to a db container from birdsitelive?

#4 error thrown at startup a month ago

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looks a bit like an SQL error - but postgres instance is running fine.

---> System.InvalidCastException: Null object cannot be converted to a value type. at System.Convert.ChangeType(Object value, Type conversionType, IFormatProvider provider) at Dapper.SqlMapper.GetValue[T](IDataReader reader, Type effectiveType, Object val) in /_/Dapper/SqlMapper.cs:line 1275