#52 VGMPLAY freezes on PAL MSX1 running on 60Hz (CX5MII) 1 year, 4 months ago

Ticket created by ~peterhanraets on ~grauw/vgmplay-msx

Found this on a Yamaha CX5MII (so you will be able to confirm ;). I typically have the 60HZ.COM (https://github.com/sdsnatcher73/50-60hz) in my AUTOEXEC.BAT. This allows any MSX with a V9938 or V9958 to switch to 60Hz (not just MSX2). If I run VGMPLAY on the CX5MII in 60Hz the program freezes (it probably fetches frequency from BIOS but does not check VDP on MSX1 computer).

#51 VGMPLAY does not find MSX-AUDIO on alternative ports 3 years ago

Ticket created by ~peterhanraets on ~grauw/vgmplay-msx

I have 2 modified Philips Music Modules. They have a switch to change the I/O ports between C0-C1 and C2-C3. They are also modified to be MSX-AUDIO compliant with 256kB sample RAM and the AUDIO BIOS (v1.3b). The BIOS correctly detects the chip on either I/O port setting and CALL AUDIO followed by PLAY #3,”ABCDEFG” works fine. VGMPLAY currently does not detect these modules when configured on C2-C3 I/O ports.