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#27 Bring analysis into conformance with the spec 4 days ago

Comment by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon


  • Scope revamp
  • Full dependency serialization (it's half-assed - literally twenty lines of code using qsort - at present, but still good enough for the current tests :)
  • Clean up type analysis' recursion where it shouldn't be (now that it uses the dep list)
  • Headerization
    • Passing work to other workers when subprocessing

#30 differentiate between TYPE_VOID and VALUE_VOID 5 days ago

Ticket created by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon

#54 [vmx] will eagerly demand more RAM than is available if told to 8 days ago

Ticket created by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/NineFront

#29 Mutable functions 19 days ago

Ticket created by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon

Need to look up runtime value instead of initializer

#28 Decouple graphs from node list 19 days ago

Comment by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon

for some of the graphs, like the new dependency graph, using the tree makes sense. for others, it may not.

#28 Decouple graphs from node list 19 days ago

Ticket created by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon

The tree graphs should use dedicated structures instead of nodes. This will simplify the code and improve performance. They need to be designed to be pipeable.

#27 Bring analysis into conformance with the spec 20 days ago

Ticket created by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon

  • Revamp the queue
    • Receive nodes in other trees needing analysis from subprocesses
    • Give subprocesses a list of nodes to process
  • Revamp usage analysis
    • Generate compile-time dependency graph
    • Fix recursion logic
    • Track analyzed nodes, don't analyze the same node twice
    • Add headerization of imports
      • Elide function bodies, elide non-pub data
    • Detect infinite dependency loops
  • Revamp scope resolution
    • Use declarative scope information from the parser, if present
    • Teach the parser to generate declarative scope info
    • Remove declarative scope information generation from sema/scope
    • Cache resolved decls
    • Talk to the queue when analyzing lookup in headerized structure
      • If the headerized structure is the current file, just analyze it directly
  • Add dependency serialization
    • Climb dependency graph bottom-up, generate serial list that satisfies dependencies
    • Error out if constraints cannot be satisfied
  • Revamp semantic extraction
    • Iterate over serialized dependency list
    • Invoke type and expr analysis from sema driver per-node instead of on the whole tree

#14 Hex literals 20 days ago

on ~pixelherodev/Project_Tricarbon


#50 [vmx] bug a month ago

Comment by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/NineFront

Quoth sigrid: > vmx exits like that because the CPU doesn't seem to support something in the guest state

#53 [rio] Background is drawn slowly a month ago

Ticket created by ~pixelherodev on ~pixelherodev/NineFront

On a Pi3 (NOT underclocked; running at full speed), Rio needs a few hundred ms to draw a 1080p background. If a full screen page is used, however, it draws instantaneously (from my perspective, so likely <10 ms). It is at least an order of magnitude slower to draw the background in every tested scenario, which heavily implies that either a) the background is being treated differently or b) extra work - such as alpha blending - is occurring.

While this is only exposed with a rio patch that uses an image for the background (instead of a solid color, which it renders instantly), the logic itself is (arguably) still an issue without the patch, as rio uses an Image for the background anyways.