#16 Design a protocol extension to add a namespace tag 3 years ago

Comment by ~prawnsalad on ~emersion/soju

Hi, I've been working on a few bnc related functions for my own project at https://github.com/kiwiirc/kiwibnc to make managing and connecting multiple networks easier. One of the bigger implementation has been an API to the bnc to manage networks+buffers in the client UI much cleaner, https://github.com/ircv3/ircv3-ideas/issues/39

One of the other ideas I've been thinking about is also multi-network support on a single connection as you brought up in this issue. I like your namespace tag idea, simple and doesn't require any extra message parsing. Would you be interested in working it as an optional extension to the BOUNCER spec I linked above? I could imagine it being a nice addition since it already includes things like listing available networks (namespaces), their identifiers and its available buffers.

Some high-level things that come to mind that may be useful:

  1. Some type of attach/detach sub command to attach a namespaced channel to the current client<>bnc connection
  2. A way to attach/detach an entire namespace so that the client can show both namespaces as if they were 2 separate connections (I think this was your general idea already?)