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#9 Openstreetmap Notes a month ago

Comment by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

That is exactly the purpose of the plugin. However, please note that the user interface of the damn plugin for JOSM is far from being optimal.

To download notes automatically, upgrade to version 0.6.0. Then, in "Advanced Preferences" find "damn", and set the value of the "damn.download_notes_automatically" to true.

Btw any planned option to change the colors of square?

No. I have enough problems writing JavaScript and thinking about placement of components. Introducing colors is too much for me. For the purpose of clarity, it is possible to switch between "no background" and "osm backrgound". Also, "how to mappy" explains how to zoom the map. I am still hoping for someone to step in and write nicer client, though.

We are going to use this on next Notathon for sure :-)

Great! Please, let me know how it worked. I am happy to help optimize your workflow if you find something I can improve. The best way is to write (plaintext) email to the general discussion mailing list. Happy mapping!

#9 Openstreetmap Notes a month ago

Comment by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

Good. The background image should be available within 30 minutes. It failed due to "too many requests", so I re-run it manually. If this happens let me know, I will fix it.

I have updated script to avoid overlapping squares (like 10 and 11 of the area 2391). Hope it will work better now.

For JOSM-based workflow, I would recommend damn plugin for JOSM. Would it help if I extend the damn plugin for JOSM by automatically downloading notes? It should be possible, in my opinion.

#9 Openstreetmap Notes a month ago

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So the last problem was the automation of the steps you know works, right? Please, follow these steps to test new script:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~qeef/damn-client.py
cd damn-client.py
pip install -r requirements.txt
./get_notes_from_osm.py -0.65094,51.312159,0.374908,51.669148 > tnotes.json

Then, create new area in https://manager.damn-project.org/ with tnotes.json as GeoJSON boundary file.

The resulting area is https://mappy.damn-project.org/?mappy=2386 and the script to generate tnotes.json tooks 30 seconds on my computer. Can you, please, test it works for you?

#9 Openstreetmap Notes a month ago

Comment by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

With DAMN you can create area with squares around notes, but you need the list of notes' coordinates, preferably in GeoJSON format. Then, the problem is the same as described in https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/qeef/diary/397633 because POINT is understand as well as LINESTRING. (I have found I had old version of the psql function, but it is fixed now.)

So, you need to use Map Notes API that returns GeoJSON and save that file, e.g.:

wget https://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/notes.json?bbox=-0.65094,51.312159,0.374908,51.669148

You MUST add "name":"something" to the FeatureCollection in the GeoJSON file, i.e., edit the downloaded file in such a way it starts with:

{"name":"foo","type":"FeatureCollection","features":[ ...

Then, just create new area in https://manager.damn-project.org/ with the edited file as "GeoJSON boundary file". You can see "notes testing" area at https://client.damn-project.org/?mappy=2379

I can imagine there will be problems for notes that are too close. That can be solved by a script that removes "too close note's coordinate" when the note is too close to the other. (Note for the script creator: too close is 0.002 because of https://git.sr.ht/~qeef/damn-deploy/tree/master/item/damndb/76_square_from_already_divided.sql )

Let me know if it works for you.

#9 Openstreetmap Notes a month ago

Comment by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

Hi. I am sorry but I do not think I understand your question. Could you, please, describe your workflow?

#8 Set imagery and offset in damn JOSM plugin 3 months ago

Ticket created by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

Inspired by https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/josm-dev/2022-June/008426.html

The idea is that when the square is loaded, the db with offset is requested and the proper offset is downloaded.

The behavior above can be overwritten when the area's instructions dictionary contains specific offset (not yet implemented).

This feature is dependent on the standardization of the imagery and offset in the area's instructions.

#7 Refactor deploy 6 months ago

Ticket created by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

What? Get rid of docker-compose as basic configuration.

Why? Because it's not ok to rebuild docker image when few lines of javascript client changes.

How? Nginx + some HTTPS + fastapi + alpine + python scripts + PostGIS + cron.


  • Merge upkeep and gen functionality, rewrite to Python.
  • Use alpine, all dependencies available?
  • Docker-compose may be provided but as the secondary solution, maybe in another repository.

#5 Finished areas 10 months ago

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This is deployed now at https://finished.damn-project.org/


#5 Finished areas 10 months ago

Comment by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project

The link above does not work anymore, the script has been merged: https://git.sr.ht/~qeef/damn-deploy/commit/ee526ee4a5ef39bd1b4401ff8773fa59b447e45c

#5 Finished areas 11 months ago

Comment by ~qeef on ~qeef/damn-project