i18n for the manager and client (JavaScript ones)

In the static directory of the manager and the client, there is i18n.js file with the inclomplete translations.

There are few things to do:

  • check and refactor/simplify the strings,
  • add the missing strings & update related code,
  • think about how to translate the strings.

The first two points are clear. There are some points about the third one:

  • It would be beneficial to use some 3rd party platform that is already used by translators. If used, the platform SHOULD be FOSS, open, etc.
  • There MUST be no 3rd party JavaScript library to import/include into the manager nor client.
  • The translated strings MUST be available for the offline usage. (To keep the download client functionality.)
  • The translated strings MUST be available under some compatible license.
  • It would be beneficial to allow translations by sending an email to the mailing list, either as a patch or an attached file. (The proposed workflow is: 1. Check the mailing list archive if the translation already exists. 2. Send an email to the mailing list about your intention to work on some language with the subject of I will work on cs translation, where cs is the language code. 3. After the translation is finished, reply to the mailing list thread with the updated i18n.js file attached, or send the related patch to the mailing list.)
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