#1 View & Apply Comment Labels 6 months ago

Comment by ~randompersonwhodoesnt on ~tarrouye/Surfboard-Issue-Tracker

This is really the only feature stopping me from switching to Surfboard full-time. When someone marks something as exemplary, it's nice to be able to see why.

Likewise, when someone is trolling/offtopic/not contributing, it'd be so great to just be able to label the comment from Surfboard. Right now I have to open the web browser and jump over to there to do it. Hope this feature is still coming.

#68 Vote counts not refreshing properly since TestFlight reauthorisation 6 months ago

Ticket created by ~randompersonwhodoesnt on ~tarrouye/Surfboard-Issue-Tracker

Hey man,

Ever since the app reinstalled after the Testflight reauthorisation and reinstall, the vote count on the user page hasn't been displaying properly.

It doesn't refresh (even on pull-to-refresh), and seeing correct counts on comments, posts and replies requires going to the topic to see accurate counts.

Thanks for the continued development!