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#7 Astra crashes on first install 4 months ago

Comment by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/astra

Thanks! astra-launcher is broken (I still need to tag a new version...) but I just fixed the bug where you can't perform a clean install because it crashes like you said. Sync the astra-launcher-git AUR package again and it should work, although I haven't tested doing a clean install recently - but it should no longer crash instantly.


#7 Astra crashes on first install 4 months ago

bug added by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/astra

#6 Possible Wine Management 11 months ago

planned added by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/astra

#6 Possible Wine Management 11 months ago

Ticket created by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/astra

This is a problem I've been thinking about, and still don't know how exactly to handle.

Basically, if we want to be able to run in Flatpak (assuming not launched through Steam) and on MacOS - we have to get our Wine from somewhere. Unfortunately this is a very difficult maintenance burden that I can't really keep, but there are a couple of solutions:

  • Simply don't support these systems, or keep them on life support like the macOS version of Astra (which depends on you getting Wine yourself)
  • Use goatcorp's wine distribution (what happens when they stop maintaining this?)
  • Maintain our own builds and fork of Wine (extreme maintenance burden)

And this does not include the amount of code I would have to write in order to support downloading and maintaining a local Wine installation. I'm just note keeping for future purposes here :-)

#1 Steam Deck/Proton support 11 months ago

Comment by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/astra

I'm beginning work on getting Astra up to snuff on the Steam Deck. I recently implemented a way to reuse the existing desktop interface on the Steam Deck, abusing Qt's existing MDI framework. This also means I'm trashing the CLI and QML interfaces for now, since they are just adding maintenance burden (there are better projects out there that fill that niche too!)

I'm also consolidating the Flatpak work, and now have scripts to help testing on my Deck which should mean I can get on top of this issue sooner!

#1 Patching support 11 months ago

Comment by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/physis

This is now resolved, we now have integration tests for patching against XIVQuickLauncher. These of course can't be replicated on CI, but instead has to be done on local dev machines for now. The XIVQuickLauncher people is discussing a possible way to redistribute patch files in a way that doesn't make Sqex angry, so I'll be keeping a close eye in case we can use that.

The patching itself should be fine now, the testing I did revealed some small issues that should be ironed out now. All panics are now removed too! More work is going into Astra as well to prevent patching errors and fixing existing errors.


#2 Havok 2012 Packfile parsing 1 year, 11 days ago

Ticket created by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/physis

Currently every FFXIV library that wants to parse skeleton and animation data (I have no interest in animation but it's worth mentioning) has to somehow deal with these pakfiles. They are a proprietary Havok format, and FFXIV specifically uses the 2012 version of the Havok SDK (which makes sense).

Currently, no one has been able to crack the 2012 format specifically, but there is a bunch of open source projects that claim that they can parse 2014, 2015, etc. Right now everyone is simply using AssetCC.exe which comes from the SDK to manually convert the packfile binary to XML, but it would be huge if we could crack the format wide open and remove the need for that for good.

I have tried to parse this binary format for a while and haven't been able to make any progress, this ticket is just for tracking my discoveries as I come across them.

#1 Patching support 1 year, 11 days ago

bug added by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/physis

#1 Patching support 1 year, 11 days ago

Ticket created by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/physis

This is a ticket tracking support for game file patching via physis.

I'm currently hitting a few issues that I have not yet reproduced. I don't remember the patcher being this bad, so I might have changed something and need to bisect. Here's a couple of todos:

  • Set up actual, reproducible tests using some dummy patch data
  • Set up tests between the physis patcher and the xivquicklauncher patcher, to test regressions.
  • Bisect the existing patching issues and iron them out, this goes hand in hand with the above tasks.
  • Remove all panics from the Rust code and look into backing up the files in case of error.

#1 Steam Deck/Proton support 1 year, 20 days ago

Comment by ~redstrate on ~redstrate/astra

As of the latest commit, you can now use Steam Proton when launching Astra via the compatibility tool!

There is still some lingering issues though, such as the game thinking you're trying to launch it in Japanese. These will be ironed out soon though.