Steam Deck/Proton support

This is a general to-do ticket tracking the progress on things to be improved for Steam Deck users and Steam proton users in general.

While Astra works great if you can install wine, there's a good chunk of users who either don't have the capability (most macOS users, Steam Deck out-of-the box, and Flatpak without punching holes) so there's definitely some improvement to be made. Supporting Steam Proton is that first step, and by extension the Steam Deck.

  • Flatpak (DONE) - For easy installation on most distributions, where they might not have a native package available.
  • Tablet interface (DONE) - For touch users, gamepads, and other input devices and small screens that make the usual desktop interface unwieldy.
  • Steam login (PLANNED) - You know, so you can actually log in with a Steam bound service account.
  • Steam proton support (DONE) - Support for using Steam Proton as another compatibility tool, alongside regular Wine support. This is a great alternative for those who wish to not deal with manually setting up Wine, DXVK, etc. Integration into the Steam version of the game is planned as well. This should work with the official version of Steam and the unofficial Flatpak.
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~redstrate 1 year, 10 months ago

Since I'm getting my Steam Deck this week, I've increased my focus on this issue. Starting in the most recent commits you can now:

  • Install Astra as a compatibility tool, and it will show up alongside Proton, Proton-GE, etc. It is not possible to layer another Proton layer (yet) similar to SteamTinkerLauncher. Eventually the install process will be automated too!
  • Launch Astra, and consequently FFXIV if set as the compatibility tool for FFXIV. Right now only one verb is supported (run) and the install script is not yet emulated, leading to interesting bugs like the game magically launching whenever Steam is opened...
  • The Steam API is now launched when the launcher is started, but it requires some manual set up for now.

Some work still needs to be done, but the concept works already! Steam login support is also going to come along with the rest of this, since I'm integrating the Steamworks API anyway. Expect this to be finished up on Wednesday when I receive my Deck and I can start testing this more rigorously :-)

~redstrate 1 year, 10 months ago

As of the latest commit, you can now use Steam Proton when launching Astra via the compatibility tool!

There is still some lingering issues though, such as the game thinking you're trying to launch it in Japanese. These will be ironed out soon though.

~redstrate 1 year, 8 months ago

I'm beginning work on getting Astra up to snuff on the Steam Deck. I recently implemented a way to reuse the existing desktop interface on the Steam Deck, abusing Qt's existing MDI framework. This also means I'm trashing the CLI and QML interfaces for now, since they are just adding maintenance burden (there are better projects out there that fill that niche too!)

I'm also consolidating the Flatpak work, and now have scripts to help testing on my Deck which should mean I can get on top of this issue sooner!

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