Possible Wine Management

This is a problem I've been thinking about, and still don't know how exactly to handle.

Basically, if we want to be able to run in Flatpak (assuming not launched through Steam) and on MacOS - we have to get our Wine from somewhere. Unfortunately this is a very difficult maintenance burden that I can't really keep, but there are a couple of solutions:

  • Simply don't support these systems, or keep them on life support like the macOS version of Astra (which depends on you getting Wine yourself)
  • Use goatcorp's wine distribution (what happens when they stop maintaining this?)
  • Maintain our own builds and fork of Wine (extreme maintenance burden)

And this does not include the amount of code I would have to write in order to support downloading and maintaining a local Wine installation. I'm just note keeping for future purposes here :-)

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~redstrate 22 days ago

This is now in 0.5.x, but we're currently grabbing Wine from https://github.com/goatcorp/wine-xiv-git/. I would eventually like to set up a better Wine build that's more recent, and enables the Wayland patchset.

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